Former Jedi Knight Rubera, cheated of her revenge, lives undercover as a bounty hunter and steers directly into the clutches of the dark side of the Force

Die frühere Jedi Ritterin Rubera, um ihre Rache betrogen, lebt verdeckt als Kopfgeldjägerin und steuert direkt in die Fänge der dunklen Seite der Macht.

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RENEGADE - a Tribute to a Galaxy far, far away   is a short film, envisioned and produced by fans of the greatest space opera in the world for other enthusiasts to enjoy. Created as a sequel to the 2015 short film Red Riding Hood - in a Galaxy far, far away  , this 24 minute long adventure follows Rubera, a former Jedi Padawan, as she makes her way through the galaxy, searching for the creature who is responsible for her master’s death seventeen years earlier. Thanks to the dedicated work of over fifty unsolicitous contributors, this production can not only boast a completely novel and independent story and plot as well as new characters never seen before in the Star Wars   universe but even features its very own soundtrack. The creators of RENEGADE   adhered closely to the guidelines set out by Disney and Lucasfilm concerning the production of fan films such as this. Therefore, there were no crowd funding campaigns held to fund the budget of the production. Rather, all expenses, in the rare cases where such occurred, were born by the production team. Furthermore, all proceeds which would be generated (e.g. by a possible win of price money at film festivals) will be donated to charity.

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date time where
premiere 09 october 2021 13:30 fantasy basel
cinema screening       16 october 2021       17:00       kino scala, langenthal      
azure lorica fan film awards       2022       tbd       los angeles      
online feb 27 2022 youtube

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Previous film (Ruberas backstory, student film 2015)

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